Transfer of Development Rights

What is TDR

To adapt from the present system "Transfer of Development Rights" in a fool-proof platform is the essential requirement to identify sending and receiving zones and to get social acceptance.

Concept of TDR

Traditional town plans, zoning and land use regulations often created desktop maps which were seldom implemented in its true spirits, as it may not be compatible with the aspirations of the public. Very often individuals are forced to compromise for public interest which was never compensated in a time bound manner. The resulting tendency is to violate the plan stipulations and zoning regulations. Political compulsions also arise to violate/vary the land use and zoning regulations. Due to these reasons the development authorities/local and state governments were not getting enough political support to go ahead with the implementation proposals. Land acquisition procedures also face public protest and litigations.

It is high time for government to think about alternate development strategies which would take public in confidence with fair amount of equity. 'Transferable Development Right' gives a promising future for effective implementation of master plans and zoning regulations effecting in preservation of natural areas, agricultural land, heritage structures, curbing development in disaster prone areas and ecologically fragile ecosystems. Transferring the development rights from low efficiency zones to high efficiency zones can create multiplying results and beneficial both to public and government. Infrastructural upgradation is also effective through TDR technique as developer gets his profits multiplied with higher order infrastructure.


Transfer of Development Rights