This website is supported by the public trust, Centre for Environmental Efficiency, registered as per Indian Trust Act (reg. no.61/2013, Sub Registrar Office Ernakulum, Kerala, India), which has been authored by Dr May Mathew, a Civil Engineer and Urban Planner by profession and her spouse Mr Antony George Katticaran M.Tech, a Mechanical Engineer and a Certified Energy Auditor. Both of them are having more than three decades of experience in their respective fields.

Dr May Mathew believes that the ‘Two strong indicators of sustainability ‘Environmental Efficiency(EE) and Carrying Capacity(CC)’ introduced through her PhD dissertation have applications from global (macro) level to the individual (micro) level. The application of these theories will facilitate an improved and more efficient living environment and make the world a better place to live in for future generations also. These theories are very important for the State of Kerala, their home state, which can be made a heavenly place to live in by policy revisit, formulating legal tools and taking up appropriate projects. In the post-COVID scenario, these management theories are having high relevance in identifying the solution space to go forward.

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