Advisory Panel

Centre for Environmental Efficiency is a public trust constituted as per the Indian Trust Act in the year 2013 for taking ahead the ‘Environmental Efficiency (EE) and Carrying Capacity (CC) theories’ contributing to Global to Local sustainable development. Even though it is only formulae in the eyes of common man they are holistic and inclusive in content. Environmental Efficiency (EE) is calculated based on the Output/ Input Approach while Carrying Capacity (CC) is calculated by taking the Capacity/Consumption Approach.

Human Development Approach of UNDP and Ecological Footprint/ Biocapacity calculations of Global Footprint Network are taken in the calculations to derive EE&CC values of nations across the world. Based on these theories effective decisions can be taken from Global to Local. It is possible to formulate Strategic Development Plans for Cities and Metropolitan Regions from which corrective policies and projects could be evolved. These theories are very relevant to revisit the development policies in vogue in our own State of Kerala which is affected by successive natural calamities in the recent past. These theories could be used at local level for effective decision making to take ahead environment and development hand-in-hand.

To push the theories ahead to effect in practical applications and for further developing through R&D activities moral support and advisory help are very much required. We would like to form a panel of experts who have immensely supported me/us to arrive till this juncture and have wholeheartedly agreed to support us for the future activities of the trust as advisers.

The following 11 experts in various disciplines as included in the advisory panel

Prof (Retd). Dr. Jose T. Payyappilly,
Payyappillil House, Hill Road,Aluva
(Former Director and PhD guide,School of Management Studies, Cochin University of Science and Technology)
Prof. (Dr.) M. Bhasi
Director, Inter University Centre for IPR Studies,
Cochin University of Science and Technology
Prof.(Dr.)Dr Abraham George
Head of the Department of Architecture and Regional Planning,
Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, West Bengal-721302
Mrs Elizabeth Philip
B.Arch, MTP, Architect Planner, Former Chief Planner,
Greater Cochin Development Authority
Prof.Dr V.H. Abdul Salam,
Director,MEA Engineering College,
Mrs Mary P. Mathews
B.Arch, MTP, Architect Planner, Former Senior Town Planner GCDA
Rosemary, Unichira, Thrikkakara P.O, Kochi-21
Prof.(Dr.) Rosamma Philip,
Dean, Faculty of Marine Sciences, CUSAT
Fine arts Avenue,Kochi- 682016
Dr Maithily.K.
M.A,M.Phil.Ph.D, Associate Professor & HOD (Retd)
Department of Economics,Vimala College, Trissur.
Mr. M.P. Jose FCA
Partner, Vishnu Rajendra & Co(Chartered Accountants)
(Kochi Office),Mavelil House,Kidangoor South P.O,Kottayam- 686583
Dr. P. Balakrishnan
(Former Senior Hydrogeologist,Ground Water Department,Govt of Kerala)
Krishnagiri,Valavi Road,Chembumukku, Kochi
Mrs.Neenamma Kurien
M.Tech Proprietor,M/s Integral Solutions
G 3107, Stadium Round,JNIS Kaloor,Kochi

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