Green buildings

Green buildings contribute to Environmental Efficiency

Concept of Green Buildings

The concept of Green Buildings envision a new approach to save water, energy and material resources in the construction, operation and maintenance of the buildings and can reduce or eliminate the adverse impact of buildings on the environment and occupants.
Green building concept rightly coincides with the environmental efficiency index HD/EFpas it concentrates on increase in human development by increasing the comfort level with reduction in ecological foot print.
Salient features of the green building contributing to reduction in ecological foot print are
Effective use of soil and landscape
Efficient use of water
Energy efficient and eco-friendly equipments
Effective control and building management system
Use of renewable energy
Use recycled/recyclable materials
While the salient feature which contributes to human development are
Improved air and water quality for health and comfort resulting in
Increased productivity
Unlike a conventional building green buildings intends to achieve operation and maintenance savings, reduction in initial investment while there is strong concern for human comfort, indoor environment and safety.
Green Buildings need not be green in colour.

Article published in Moolyasruthi on September 2011
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