Kochi Hygeia Valley is one of the satellite township programmes of GCDA based on the concepts of EE and CC. The project area, extents to 250 acres on either side of Kaniyavalli Thodu at Tripunithura-Chottanikkara border. Seventy percentage of the land area is uncultivated marshy land. The project is envisaged as a site and service scheme with huge parks, playgrounds, wide roads, helipad, boat jetty, walkways, nature parks etc. The accessibility of the project site is made manifold by road widening from Petta to Puthiyakavu and the sending road TDR is received at the project site. The builtup space right is sold to prospective builders with floating FAR concept on meritorious plots in which only green building/ GRIHA rated buildings will be permitted.

On one side ENVIRONMENTAL EFFICIENCY(EE) is attained at the project area by making it a compact city with facilities at walkable distance with a thrust on medical tourism. All kinds of energy conservation and alternate energy measures like harnessing of solar energy, wind energy, waste to energy and waste recycling etc are proposed there. The modified drainage pattern is trough shaped with huge rainwater harvesting pool inside. During rainy season excess water is artificially recharged to borewell water zone and when there is shortage water is taken back. For electrical distribution smart grid is proposed with the provision of receiving the solar energy generated. There will be a highly efficient sewage treatment plant and a solid waste plant also. Only 50% of the total land area is saleable that too only 30% of plot coverage is allowed to ensure air circulation and curbing of urban heat island formation.

On the other side CARRYING CAPACITY (CC) is ensured by allowing the project site as the receiving zone of agricultural TDR. Agricultural TDR is proposed to be received at the project site from the earmarked continuous agricultural zones so that organized and collective farming can be inculcated the Greater Kochi region under the leadership of local self governments.

Kochi Hygeia Vally

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