My Journey


Finding a workable solution to bring environment and development hand-in-hand had been in my thought process from the day I passed out from the premier institution of planning in India. My post-graduation thesis dissertation was a wakeup call for me to dedicate more on that. Almost a decade had passed by while balancing my personal life, my career and my family commitments. It was all very very hectic days, some were very happy moments while some were difficult ones.
I utilised my spare time contemplating over the committed topic. I diverted my habit of deep thinking towards this novel cause. I collected newspaper cuttings which were describing the problems faced due to bad city planning and compared with the good practices elsewhere. Since my post-graduation dissertation was on the same topic about my city where I have been living for the past several years of my career, I got a base from where I could build up my concepts to identify a solution space to tackle the environment-development dilemma as both are very important for human life and they are to be taken ahead hand-in-hand.
Finally, I got the answer, why my city is failing to manage the environment efficiently. The methodology as to how to establish my answer scientifically was a nerve-racking challenge to me. I read a lot of publications, journals, conference papers and newspaper reports to know the literature available contributing to this topic and due attention was given to the recurring environmental problems hampering the city’s development.

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