Strength and Opportunities

of Kochi,Kerala

Strength and Opportunities

To take stock of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of Greater Kochi is very much adequate for this study of environmentally efficient development management system and hence SWOT of Greater Kochi which is gathered through discussions and seeking experts and stake holders opinion through a proforma circulated SWOT gathered are listed as below under five different heads as below.
1. Nature and Resources
2. Infrastructure and service demand
3. People and competencies
4. Political and social
5. Economic and financial


Nature & Resources
Geographically central location of the state
Proximity to international shipping lane
Potential agricultural area in the region
Scenic beauty of the back waters and rivers
Plenty of rain, sun and moderate climate varied ecosystems in the region
Net work of canals suitable for city and cargo transport
A place of rich heritage
Attractive tourist spot in the region

Infrastructure & Service Demand
Good accessibility by road, rail, air & sea to the rest of the world.
Good regional connectivity inside the state
All weather port and coming up container terminal
Landing point for submarine cables
Presence of whole sale markets for agricultural produce
Major distribution centre for commodities
Nodal point for collection and distribution of manpower and cargo
Coming up LNG terminal, cheaper fuel for industries
High supply of serviced urban vacant land
Low rental value compared to other cities of the world

People & Competencies
Good communication skills of the residents
Low Cost-of-Living compared to other international cities
High literacy level and educated youth throughout the state
Enterprising nature of the people
Low attrition rates in employment

Political & Social
Cosmopolitan character of the crowd
Good Schools/Universities
Wide spread banking facilities
Communal Harmony
Low crime rate
Cheap and Good medical facilities

& Financial
Most tax generating place in the state
Higher percapita income in comparison to other cities in the state
High spending capacity and spending habit of the residents
NRI mooring point for shopping ,investment and stay


Nature & Resources
Unplanned and unregulated development resulting in urban sprawl
Unviable population concentration for higher order infrastructure
Un-judicious industrial location
Non-uniform distribution of stadiums, parks, and open spaces
Fast run off due to steep terrain condition of the hinterland
Deterioration of West Kochi area
Degradation of river Periyar and the various canals in the city
Sea erosion, flooding and mosquito menace
Less productivity of the resource base of the region
Land acquisition for developmental work highly expensive
Diminishing Government land

Infrastructure & Service Demand
Disposal of untreated industrial waste into water bodies
Lack of adequate solid waste management facilities
Lack of proper storm water drainage in low lying areas
Absence of efficient sewerage network .
Disposal of sewerage to surface drainage in many areas
Pressure on road network due to increase in personalised vehicles
Lack of adequate parking space
Lack of suitable mode of mass transport and intermodal facilities
Deteriorated infrastructure in West Kochi
Deteriorated bridges across water bodies
Lack of head room of canals to enable inland navigation
Silting up of canals
Lack of high capacity infrastructure to accommodate high residential densities
Non-judicious location of high rise buildings
Plenty of non-performing serviced vacant land and vacant buildings
Lack of efficient disaster management system

People & Competencies
Lack of bureaucratic support not being a capital city
Lack of mechanism to create housing for the poor
Lack of coordination between various government bodies
Lack of effective role given to development authorities
Lack of effective legislation for innovative development management
Obsolete Town Planning Act

Political & Social
Rising Corporation Tax Rates with diminishing services offered by corporation,
Unscientific taxation formulae
Loss of productive hours due to political unrest for trivial issues and trade unionism
Uncontrolled migrant labour resulting in unauthorised colonies
Low bargaining power of the elected representatives
lack of population concentration

Economic & Financial
High morbidity rate of population, prevalence of life style diseases
Tax collected from the area is distributed to the rest of the state and country
Incompetency in utilising the available Government Funds


Nature & Resources
Cheaper cost of fuel from LNG plant can revitalize the industrial economy
Harnessing the minus energy of LNG for generation of drinking water
Conservation of ecosystems and agricultural areas in the hinterland
Improve Mass Transit to Reduce Traffic Congestion
Construction of small dams in the region to reduce fast runoff and salinity intrusion
Development of middle class tourism to attract domestic tourists to enjoy the nature
Encouraging IT and ITES industries
Encourage energy efficient city planning and energy efficient building practices

Infrastructure & Service Demand
Enlisted as a beneficiary of Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission
Suburban rail for mass transport
Inland navigation for transport of cargo, city transport and tourism
Continuing investment in port and container terminal facilities
Continuing investment in the development of the International Airport
Development of interstate bus terminal with multimodal interchange facility
Establishment of higher order infrastructure
Contribution from port for city planning as it complement each other
To develop as a world class service centre
Planned compact high density development

People & Competencies
High literacy rates and availability of skilled labour
Return of NRI's with financial capital, experience, new ideas and know how
Keralites scattered throughout the world for building up business opportunities in their home land

Political & Social
State wide commitment to development Greater Kochi as a top class international city
Formulation of the mandatory Metropolitan Planning Board/Committee
Re-delineation of effective metropolitan area and region for planned development

Economic & Financial
Can attract tourists for rest and relaxation
Provision of infrastructure on private-public participation
Can emerge as an international conference centre
Can be a centre for international and national Trade Fairs
Can be developed as centre for hosting events in sports


Nature & Resources
Degradation of rivers and the canals causing unpleasant atmosphere and epidemics
Sea level rise can affect the high density population near water bodies
Sea erosion of West Kochi area land subsidence of the filled up areas
Establishment of Vizhinjam container terminal, within-state competition
Degradation of heritage buildings
Earth quake zone reclassified as zone III
Loss of productivity of the ecosystems in the hinter land

Infrastructure & Service Demand
High susceptibility to fire hazard due to the lack scientific disaster management facilities
Unscientific land filling and cutting can cause land slide and land subsidence
Unscientific rainwater harvesting can cause land slides
Lack of flyovers and bridges causing loss of man hours and fuel repel economic opportunities
Air pollution causes severe respiratory diseases

People & Competencies
Aging of the resident population as educated youth are working outside the country
Sedentary habits causing high occurrence of life style diseases

Political & Social
Corruption and high labour militancy
Increase in crime rate and road accidents
Lack of parental care for the young generation as one of the parents may be working abroad

Economic & Financial
Decline and degradation of the city e resulting in loss of total economy

Strength and Opportunities