Ten Commandments Of Sustainability Based On EE&CC Theories

  • Sustainability decisions are to be ANTHROPOCENTRIC, considering human beings as the most significant entity of the universe
  • Do not waste nature‚Äôs resources and instead produce multiplying output in the form of inventions, peace, passion, happiness
  • Share both natural and man-made resources so that resources/facilities would have more utility ie land utility, space utility etc
  • Give prime importance to the integrity of ecosystems and avoid ecosystem disturbance to improve performance and productivity
  • Promote walking and pedalling for mobility as it contributes to health with less emissions and there shall be enough facilities in the city
  • Encourage use of public mass transport
  • Pubic green spaces and open spaces inside the city shall not be compromised
  • Encourage high-rise accommodations with less ground coverage and more space utility
  • Respect and reward intellectual property as innovations bolster human development with the lesser and lesser ecological footprint
  • Compensate ecological overshoot by making the polluter pay

All the above Commandments shall be summarised under two heads

  • Nations should improve their Environmental Efficiency and ‘may value’ which is the equitable Human Development achievements with respect to the Ecological Footprint.
  • Nations should contain their Ecological Footprint within their Biocapacity contributing to Carrying Capacity and ‘ton value’ and overshoot shall be compensated.

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